rou●gh their jobs■, while Mayor Pete◆ Buttigieg of Sou●th Bend, Indian〓a, complained abo■ut other candidates ○seeking to take "■the divisive step" o◆f ordering■ people onto univers●al healthcare, "●whether th■ey like it or ◆not."Democrats su●ccessfully cam〓paigned on h○ealthcare last yea●r, winning control o●f t

he House o○n a message 〓that Republicans we◆re slashing ex〓isting benefits〓. But moderates■ worry that Med■icare for Al●l is more complicat◆ed and may not pay ○the same polit●ical dividen◆d. That's esp◆ecially true〓 after Democrats won■ elections earlier t●his month in K■entucky and Vir●ginia without embr■acing

the progr●am."We must get〓 our fired-u●p Democrati○c base wit■h us," said Senato●r Amy Klobu〓char of Mi〓nnesota. "But let's 〓also get those in■dependents and● moderate Republi●cans who cann●ot stomach (Trump) a●nymore."The fift●h Democratic debate ■unfolded in 〓Atlanta, a city ■that played ■a central role in● t

gove■rnment-run syste◆m."The American pe◆ople understand th●at the curr◆ent h

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